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About Us

Bluegrass Bloodhounds is ultimately the result of a missing person's case. In 2001,an elderly lady, Ms. Rhea (Edna) Miller, wandered from her home. Her family members desperately searched for her. When a member of the family was asked by a friend and coworker, "Why they hadn't brought in the dogs?" She replied, "There were no dogs, except cadaver, which they brought in the day after she disappeared". That fact weighed heavily on the friend and several years later, Tracker was purchased and trained so that, if possible, no one else in that community dies alone in the woods. Her remains were recently found in the woods, near her home (a decade later).

My name is Judy Braun and I am the friend and coworker of Ms. Miller's family member. Being a mother and a rural Kentuckian, I found the fact that "no (tracking) dogs were available" unacceptable. The hounds from Kentucky are just as legendary as horses and Kentucky basketball. This is rural Kentucky, there should have been a plethora. Is it not customary, in the movies to "bring in the dogs from Kentucky"? As a mother, I found that fact disturbing. I know if it were one of my children missing, I would want someone to help. It is with that mantra, that my husband and I took it upon ourselves to provide the service to the community. Ms. Miller's dissapearance and resulting death from a lack of resources changed my life forever. She wasn't my mom, aunt, family or friend, but she could have been!

It is in Ms. Rhea Miller's memory and that no one else has to experience the trauma of dying needlessly alone, near their home, that we dedicate our service to strive in bringing the Legend back to the Bluegrass.

In memory of Ms.Miller we have created a staff fully capable of searching, and teaching. We provide training seminars, classes, and opportunity for any handler, or dog, wanting to learn! 

Bluegrass Bloodhounds
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