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"All that is required for the triumph of evil is for
good men to do nothing",
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bluegrass Bloodhounds is a 30 acre family owned and operated training and breeding facility, located on the banks of Rough River in Central Kentucky. Bluegrass Bloodhounds is ultimately the result of a missing person's case. In 2001, an elderly lady, Ms. Rhea (Edna) Miller, 
disappearance and resulting death from a lack of resources, changed my life forever.

 She wasn't my mom, aunt, family or friend, but she could have been!

It is in Ms. Rhea Miller's memory, and that no one else has to
experience the trauma of dying needlessly alone, near their home,
that we dedicate our service to strive in 

bringing the Legend back to the Bluegrass.

No one in Kentucky should have been told that tracking/trailing dogs weren't available to save their loved one. So, my family and I have taken it upon ourselves to provide that service (as a K9 Search Unit, Facility, and Bloodhound Breeder) to the Bluegrass.  Bluegrass Bloodhounds' basis for operation is to help find the missing, so we have geared our breeding program to provide exceptional Bloodhounds to exceed the tracking standard.

When we decided to provide the service to our community, I searched pedigrees and breeders for over a year before deciding on a light red male with Show Champion lines from St. Huberts, Rectory, and Brighton as well as the tracking lines of Legacy , Rib Mountain and Frontier. This male, Tracker, is truly an exceptional Bloodhound.  
He tracks on and off lead, trained in HRD, Narcotics Detection, Agility, Obedience  and is very protective. Owning and handling this amazing canine has given me the peace of mind that I never expected. I know that if someone were to break into my home and assault or kidnap my family member, he could find them! I have no doubt that he would NOT stop until he did!
We have used him track down 2 burglary suspects, which broke into our vacation home then robbed and vandalized our property and had been doing this for YEARS! We scented him from the point of entry, a window screen, then we tracked them to a residence where he indicated on two individuals. Since then, we have not had any issues! Its funny when people learn of their capabilities, how many houses around the area are robbed, but not the home with the bloodhound! I know that is the case with several different handlers I've met, including myself! I have often heard Bloodhounds referred to as "dumb or stupid animals", this is the furthest thing from the truth! Tracker has done everything I have asked of him, and then some. I have also heard that with Bloodhounds, "People often confuse ignorance with independence." This is what I have found to be the truth! Because they are independent, they must want to work, the drive is the key factor in training an exceptional bloodhound, not the physical attributes. "Because Tracker loves me and wants to please me (and get his TREAT), he's driven to work fiercly! He's a trackin' machine!", K9 Instructor, at INKY SAR Convention, 2011.  

Because of his exceptional lines, conformation and tracking abilities, holding a BS in Genetics and being a breeder of AKC pups for over 20 years, I knew I could not let that gene pool get away, so I began the search for the same caliber female. After nearly a year of searching , we found our deep red female, Journey
. Some of her pedigree includes the Champions of Coshelav, Swampfever, Mountaineer, Lime Tree and Wrinklebrow as well as the notable lines of Lazy Acres and Morrison.  She  is living up to her pedigree in her tracking abilities. Both, Tracker and Journey have impacted many. But, Tracker trailed his last trail not long ago, as now he has passed on leaving an incredible legacy. Journey is now an active Veteran SAR K9, plus certified through AKC and AMPWDA. Both Tracker and Jouney have also assisted Kentucky State Police, as well as other Law Enforcement Agencies in criminal investigations. My guess there are very few Bloodhounds in this state, that are both SAR k9's, plus AKC Tracking Certified!
Tracker is also the only Bloodhound I have been able to find recognized by the Kentucky State Legislature. Our bloodhounds are scent specific and have been trained in a myriad of environments and weather conditions.

  I believe being formally trained in genetics and being an experienced breeder, with 30 acres to train on and 2 boys to exercise, I have the right program to produce exceptional tracking dogs and well socialized pets. All of our pups thus far have aced the Canine Scent and Workability Assessment, which determines drive and fundamental abilities, indicating that all have SAR and Sport potential!

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