Some of the Notables and Champions in Tracker's Pedigree include (Champions in Red):
CH Equerry of Brighton (UK)
CH Lime Tree Portia
CH St. Hubert Blondel
CH Gundrun of Gunmar
CH Cyclone of Mareve
CH Legacy's Brand's The Sheik TD
CH Legacy's Diamond Jim
CH Legacy's Christmas Starr
CH Coralwood Homer Wrinlebrow
CH Lucky Strike of Brighton (UK)
St Hubert Druid of Geenways
CH Abingerwood Wild Honey (UK)
The Navaho of Brighton (UK)
CH Jethbo C of Edgebrook
CH Grenella of Edgebrook

CH Lime Tree Watchful
Dandy of Brighton (UK)
USCH St Huberts Britomart
US CANCH The Rectory's Rebellion
USCH Horrall's Searcher
USCH The Rectory's Ruin
USCH The Rectory's Recruit
USCH The Rectory's Curate
USCH The Rectory's Reward
CH Brighton's Vagabond (UK)
USCH Orchid of Brighton (UK)
USCH St Hubert Bathos
USCH Brighton's Moosnshine Mickey (UK)
CH DBL D Dixie Delight
Lazy Acres Bandit Banjo
Frontier Trackin Troy
Morrison's Big John
Morrison's Happy
Morrison's Red Princess

Recent Activity:

July 10, 2012 - Call out/ Robbery
Org. Requesting Assistance: KY State Police
Criminal: Burglary

July 7, 2012-  Present -   Call Out/ Stand By
Org. Requesting Assistance: Indiana State Police
Criminal: Suspected Homicide

June 18, 2012 - PR Event -
Boy Scouts - Judicial Center Demo
Leitchfield, KY

June 17, 2012-  Call Out 
Org. Requesting Assistance: FBI/ KSP                          
Criminal: Suspect - Bank Robbery
Smith Grove, KY

June 9, 2012 - PR Event - Song for the Missing in Elizabethtown, KY

June 4, 2012 - Contacted by representative of (BFRO)
Big Foot Research Organization
 for tracking fresh "mystery print". Details will be forthcoming.

May 20, 2012 - Tracker slated to play lead canine in Reality Series,
"Kentucky Man Hunters". Due to tape in late summer. Several pups from the present litter are also expected to make a suprise appearance in several episodes.


Bluegrass Bloodhounds
bringing the Legend
back to the Bluegrass...



Tracker having playtime with his baby girl. 
Tracker The Bloodhound

 Officially Recognized by 

The Kentucky State Legislature in  2011

Bluegrass Bloodhound Search and Rescue

Lead Member of Hardinsburg Fire & Rescue Canine Unit

AKC Tracking Certified - January 18, 2012 by AKC Judge Tony Ginter

American Mantrailing Police Working Dog Association Certified

AKC Canine Good Citizen Recipient

American Kennel Club Full Registration

World Kennel Club Full Registration

Continental Kennel Club Full Registration

Tracker has been trained in:
Specialty Canine Crime Scene Assistance
Trailing (air scenting)
Forensic Tracking
Criminal Tracking, Identification and Apprehension
Human Remains Detection
Evidence Identification

Suspect/ Victim Identification


Notable Tracks:
    ~ 1 month old track homicide, Bardstown, KY - KSP    
    ~ 3 week old double homicide, Morehead - KSP      
    ~10 week old track 1/2 mile long in urban setting on high traffic highway and bridge: Elizabethtown, KY    
    ~5 mile - hot track (several hours old) rural seach in woods, mud, water, fields, electric fences and highways. Custer, KY
    ~3 mile -1 week old - track in rural track (1 mile on railroad track) woods, mud, vegetation, gravel and road. Lincoln City Lake, IN
    ~1/2 mile in sand (article identification) hot track 4 turns in tide: Miami, FL
    ~1/2 mile 6" snow hot track 5 turns - fields, asphalt, and woods: Rough River, KY
    ~1 mile vehicle abduction scenerio - urban search roads, high traffic road, field - vehicle identified, victim and abductor located: Rineyville, KY

Human Remains Detection (HRD):
        Tracker has been trained in the detection of human remains in various locations and weather conditions, some of which include in vehicles, homes, garages, home furnishings, soil, fields, woods, storage units, garbage bins and on water.


L'Patton De Bretel (French Import)
4th Generation Tracker
from international show and tracking lines.

            AMBUSH  (2nd Generation Veteran SAR)

                        BIG BEN - 3rd Generation SAR/LE

                                LEGEND - Second Generation Veteran SAR/LE - AKC SAR-W Titled - Crossed trained in human remains detection.
Lead K9 for Hardinsburg City Fire and Rescue & Bluegrass Bloodhounds.
OFA Elbows, Heart, Eyes & Thyroid - Normal
Degenerative Myelopathy - Clear

To view one of his pups in training, click here...
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