Have you ever heard of a toddler wandering off and dying in the woods or a drug bust where the subjects were never located because they fled on foot or of a high profile murder that seem to have no leads? Don’t let this happen to your department! Whether it be a lost toddler, drug dealer or serial killer, they all produce a unique scent and we, at Bluegrass Bloodhounds, train our dogs to find it!

Missing person cases and crime are on a steady increase in our country, and there is one tool that with the proper implementation can decrease that trend, a trained bloodhound. A trained bloodhound can take track in a highly contaminated area, locate evidence along the way and identify the subject, from a processed shell casing, exploded bomb fragments or discarded hypodermic needles (as well as numerous other sources). They can also discern whether a subject has been at a location and where and how their last live scent deposit was made as illustrated at the 1:29:18 minute mark on the video of the interrogation of Brooks Houck by Nelson County Detective John Snow, in a missing person case, located on YouTube (Nelson County Gazette). Bloodhounds can also detect if one subject is responsible for multiple crimes, including arson, burglary and homicide. 

Trained bloodhounds are gaining ground and respect in the working canine world in both tracking and detection work. They are also more cost effective as they are considerably cheaper to purchase and maintain as well as less liability for insurance than typical patrol canines.

We at Bluegrass Bloodhounds strive to produce some of the best working lines in the world. Our 2019 bloodhound pups are fifth generation tracking machines. Using my Bachelors of Science in Genetics and Subcellular Entities, over 25 years of breeding AKC puppies, and years of practical work in the field, we have put together some of the best tracking pedigrees available. 

According to a renowned canine trainer of Georgia Canine NTC, our pup, Blaze, “is going to be a great dog… this is the epitome of what we are looking for in a bloodhound, nice size, nice drive and total workability”. (click here to watch one of his videos on YouTube ). 

It is the combination of all three of these factors that make our dogs unique. Our pups are working dogs in training and from the moment they are whelped and are conditioned for the working world. They are raised with the Master’s Voice system to eliminate fear of loud noises and the Bio Sensor stimulation which maximizes neurological growth. 

Not only do we run and breed some of the best working bloodhounds in the country and world, we also train their pups. We begin with sound genetics (parents, grand, great and great-great grandparents on both sides are/ were working dogs), a strong prey/hunt drive and develop that into a solid tracking foundation. Our pups have been engineered to be an agile, fearless, and tenacious nose with stamina and problem solving skills. We select the highest drive candidates and work with our instructors to train them to be an effective and reliable tool for hunting man. We do NOT produce your typical bloodhounds, and ours make for very poor pets! 

The first pup to graduate our pilot training program in December of 2016 was Mattis. During his handler’s training course, his handler, DFC Rideout states upon completion of the track, that our 8 month old Mattis, “… was already better than all of their dogs” (referring to the other state tracking dogs present at training). Click here to watch a video of Mattis in action ( . Within 2 days of arriving at his new duty station, our 8 month old Mattis (click for the article ) was already making an impact as he tracked down 2 separate fleeing subjects and the following week made another criminal find and also made the FBI Regional Evidence Recovery Team (all before turning 9 months old). Mattis' cousin, Cooper of the Charles County SO (MD) and National Park Police Team also joined him at the FBI Regional Evidence Recovery around 1 year old. Copper, Mattis and Blaze are not unique to our bloodline but are typical of the pups that we produce. We have been working with law enforcement for years in Kentucky and multiple other states, providing assistance to them in cases ranging from missing person cases to homicides. We have been able to locate many subjects, both alive and deceased, identified subjects, identified evidence, corroborated theories and give areas of interest where evidence has been dug up later. 

It was because of the impact of our dogs on cases that made us decide to step up our breeding and training program so that this trained resource could have an even greater impact in solving cases and decreasing the upward trend of crime and missing person cases. It was said by one detective that, “…if the public knew what these dogs could do, there would be a huge decease in crime”. That same deterrent has been used for years at the Bell County Forestry Camp (a no fence prison in Kentucky). Lieutenant Keith Fuson, Director of the Kentucky Department of Corrections Canine Program at Bell County Forestry Camp stated that before the bloodhounds came from Angola Prison (after Hurricane Katrina) that the prison constantly had inmates escaping (as many as 13 in 1 year). After the implementation of the bloodhound tracking program (started by the bloodhounds that did not return to Angola), very few have even attempted and all of those have been easily caught. When he asked an inmate why no one ran anymore, his response was “we’ve all seen those dogs and know what they can do”. Lt. Fuson and the Kentucky Department of Corrections bought their stud male from us, Bo, and he and a littermate certified with the Kentucky Department of Corrections in Articles and Tracking when they were 5 months old and ran a faster time than many of the veteran canines testing. 

Once criminals know how reliable and effective the bloodhounds can be, their attempts to commit crimes will be diminished. This theory is illustrated by the fact that myself and many other bloodhound handlers, own homes in neighborhoods with homes that are robbed but never the homes with the bloodhounds. They are not only an effective deterrent against crime, they are also an effective tool when someone is lost or when criminal activity does occur. 

Not only do our dogs produce exceptional results in the field, so do our pups. Simply stated, there is no better working nose than the bloodhound. How many cases has your department or others around your community had with no leads or no conclusions? Bloodhounds can help you and your department get answers, that you may not otherwise have (ie the car on the parkway but not her scent and the track back to the family farm where Brooks Houck, the primary suspect, later verified – please see the first video linked). 

In essence your department or agency can have a proficient canine and handler for a fraction of the national average. Don’t make the same mistake many other departments have in the past by not being proactive! One search can involve hundreds or even thousands of man hours, much more than the cost of 1 trained bloodhound. Do your department and community a favor and be proactive and get in on the ground floor while this year’s pups are still available! We have a payment plan available, accept credit cards and PayPal. We have also partnered up with the Jimmy Ryce Center. They provide bloodhounds to law enforcement free of charge. 

Please contact us if you are interested in solving more cases, apprehending more suspects or decreasing the criminal activity in you community.